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No Solicitation Registration Form

  1. Name will not be shared with solicitors.
  2. 5-21.12 "No Solicitation" list and "No Solicitation" signs. A. The Borough of Pompton Lakes shall institute a list of Borough residents who request that solicitors not solicit on their property. The "No Solicitation" list shall be maintained by the Municipal Clerk. B. Residents of the Borough shall have their name and address added to the list by the Municipal Clerk upon receipt of a written request for such action. Such requests shall be maintained with the list. C. Prior to any conduct of a solicitation covered by this section, the solicitor receiving a license or permit to solicit shall be provided with a copy of the "No Solicitation" list by the Municipal Clerk with the license or permit, and the licensee or permittee, their employees, agents, assistants or helpers shall thereafter refrain from any solicitation on the properties or to the names set forth on the list. D. Borough residents and property owners may post "No Solicitation" signs on their property. In such event, no solicitor shall solicit or canvass on such properties. (1983 Code § 125-31)
  3. By clicking "Yes" and submitting, I am agreeing to add my property to the list of properties where solicitation is not permitted in the Borough of Pompton Lakes. *
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