2017 Master Plan Re-Examination

Master Plan Re-examination Report

The Master Plan Re-Examination Report can be found here

Statutory Requirement

The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law requires that each municipality reexamine its Master Plan and development regulations at least every 10 years. Specifically, the MLUL states: 

“The governing body shall, at least every ten years, provide for a general reexamination of its Master Plan and development regulations by the Planning Board, which shall prepare and adopt by resolution a report on the findings of such reexamination, a copy of which report and resolution shall be sent to the County Planning Board. A notice that the report and resolution have been prepared shall be sent to the municipal clerk of each adjoining municipality.”

The report meets the requirements of a master plan by including sections that address the following: 

A. The major problems and objectives relating to land development in the municipality at the time of the adoption of the last reexamination report.

B. The extent to which such problems and objectives have been reduced or have increased subsequent to such date.

C. The extent to which there have been significant changes in the assumptions, policies and objectives forming the basis for the master plan or development regulations as last revised, with particular regard to the density and distribution of population and land uses, housing conditions, circulation, conservation of natural resources, energy conservation, collection, disposition and recycling of designated recyclable materials, and changes in State, county and municipal policies and objectives.

D. The specific changes recommended for the master plan or development regulations, if any, including underlying objectives, policies and standards, or whether a new plan or regulations should be prepared.

E. The recommendations of the planning board concerning the incorporation of redevelopment plans adopted pursuant to the “Local Redevelopment and Housing Law”, P.L. 1992, c.79 (C.40A:12A-1 et seq.) into the land use plan element of the municipal master plan, and recommended changes, if any, in the local development regulations necessary to effectuate the redevelopment plans of the municipality.