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We have begun development of a Borough-wide Complete Streets Implementation Plan that will lead to a Complete Streets Policy. This is part of an ongoing effort to provide residents and visitors with a safe walkable community throughout the Borough, including sidewalks, trails and bridges to improve accessibility to downtown, parks, schools, and neighborhoods.  Additionally, Pompton Lakes plans to establish bicycle routes throughout the municipality to ensure safe riding areas.

The Borough received a grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs (NJDOT-OBPP) to assist in developing a Complete Streets Policy and Implementation Plan. The implementation plan will identify potential opportunities and deficiencies along roadways within Pompton Lakes that could be improved to encourage safe walking and biking, recommend potential improvements, and develop an action plan to implement recommended improvements.

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, so pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transportation users of all ages and abilities are able to safely move along and across streets. Complete Streets enhance mobility and accessibility by improving the quality and availability of connections between residences, schools, parks, public transportation, offices, and retail destinations. These connections encourage liveability and walkability, which in turn helps develops a sense of community.

What are Complete Streets?

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You can find out more about Complete Streets here -

What will the study include? 

As part of this effort, the project consultant, Michael Baker, will perform a bicycle compatibility assessment, sidewalk inventory and assessment, bicycle and pedestrian crash analyses, intersection assessments, and develop mapping of regional bicycle facilities. The Complete Streets Implementation Plan will focus on the selection of specific active
transportation improvements and a plan for implementing the improvements.

How can I participate?

There will be multiple opportunities to participate throughout the study process. First, the project team created a survey to get input from you on walking and biking in Pompton Lakes. The results of the survey are available in the slideshow at the bottom of this webpage.

The project team also attended National Night Out at the Pompton Lakes High School Parking Lot on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. The team talked to interested and concern residents, distributed surveys, and recorded information on a map of the town, shown below. 

Pompton Lakes Central2

Using the results of the survey and feedback from National Night Out, the project team has developed a series of concept designs for the major roadways of interest. These concepts can be viewed at the 2018 National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 and will be available on this website at a later date. 

Why do a plan?

The Complete Streets Plan will identify recommendations on physical and programmatic improvements for the Borough to undertake in encourage walking and bicycling throughout the community. In addition, the plan and a Complete Streets policy makes us eligible for additional grants, provides additional points for NJDOT grants and recognition programs like Sustainable Jersey certification.


Project Steering Committee

A Steering Committee will be formed of local, county and state officials, as well as other stakeholders identified by the NJDOT-OBPP and Pompton Lakes. The Steering Committee will assist in identifying deficiencies and opportunities for active transportation facilities within Pompton Lakes and provide feedback on potential improvements. Representatives of the following offices, organizations and constituencies have committed to serving on the Steering Committee:

  • Pompton Lakes Mayor Michael Serra 
  • Pompton Lakes Councilman Erik DeLine
  • Pompton Lakes Planning Board
  • Passaic County Department of Planning & Economic Development
  • TransOptions TMA
  • Pompton Lakes Business Improvement District
  • Pompton Lakes Police Department
  • Pompton Lakes Board of Education
  • New Jersey Bike/Walk Coalition


Email the project team at with any questions.

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