Door-to-door solicitations in the Borough of Pompton Lakes are illegal, unless an individual or company has obtained a solicitor's license from the Borough, as governed by the provisions of §5-16 (Peddlers and Hawkers), §5-20 (Solicitors and Canvassers) and §5-21 (Charitable Soliciting) of the Pompton Lakes Administrative Code. 

Pompton Lakes Administrative Code

Property owners may request to be included on a "No Solicitation" list

To be added to the list, submit your information through the following form - No Solicitation Registration Form

Prior to any conduct of solicitation, the solicitor receiving a license or permit to solicit will be provided with a copy of the "No Solicitation" list with the license or permit, and the licensee, permittee, their employees, agents, assistants or helpers shall thereafter refrain from any solicitation on the properties or to the names set forth on the list.

In addition, Borough residents and property owners may post "No Solicitation" signs on their property. In such event, no solicitor shall solicit or canvass on such properties.