The commander of the Communications Division is: Capt. Ryan Cichon

The primary responsibilities of the communications center personnel include handling all incoming non-emergency and emergency calls with a 9-1-1 enhanced system as well as all other calls that come into police headquarters for police, fire and ambulance.  The full time and per-diem telecommunicators or "dispatchers" handle 1,000’s of calls per year via 9-1-1 and ten digit non-emergency lines.  9-1-1- calls for police, fire and emergency medical services are evaluated, assigned and prioritized for the level of emergency response.  Our computer aided dispatch system (CAD), which logs all calls for service corresponds with mobile computer terminals in each patrol car.  These terminals also have the ability to search the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database for missing persons, stolen vehicles and wanted persons.  Communications staff also have access to this system to handle all information requests from police officers concerning vehicle registration, driver license and wanted queries, and entries of stolen property and missing persons into the NCIC system.

Full-time Telecommunicators

Dispatcher S. Phillippe

Dispatcher S. Hunt

Dispatcher T. Jones