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Message from the Mayor

When I was campaigning I was asked the same question."Why would you want to run for mayor?" The best answer I have for that is I was at a function with mostly Pompton Lakes residents there. My wife brought a friend with her from a nearby town. This friend came up to me and said “boy the people here are so nice and friendly they all came over to talk with me. They all made me feel welcome. In my town everyone would have just sat with their heads down eating." The people are what make this town special, yes we have our issues in our town like other towns but that does not stop us. We have strong volunteerism in every group we have. One of the largest groups in Passaic County is our CERT teams, great numbers in our volunteer fire, police, and ambulance squads. Our flood and lake groups are strong. Our recreation is top notch I could go on and on. There is not one board or group that has a problem getting residents to step up and help. I ran for mayor for all those people who put in their time and ask for nothing in return except a better town.

I must thank some people who helped me get here; my family first. I am sure I will be out of the house a lot more which they will probably love. Second, my sitting council. We are very lucky in town to have such a dedicated, intelligent council in place that will make things happen. I may be the mayor, but I am part of an experienced council; that’s the real team working in Pompton.

I have some big ideas moving forward. I understand the work that has to be done and will work hard to get to that goal.  We need to work on stabilizing out taxes for everyone.  Please, I ask one thing. I would like you, the residents, to work with me. This is your town as much as mine. I am sure I will make mistakes, so I will always welcome a voice from a resident to try and get to a solution of any issue. My door is always open. I will be in my office most days at 3pm. Stop in and say hello.  I love the fact our town is made up of citizens who will speak their mind, but at the end of the day, we are all Cardinals at heart, who care greatly for the town we live in. Yes, there are different sides to issues, but for the betterment of our town we must all work together to get the job done.

Finally, I thank you, our residents, who have faith that our team can make a difference in the future of Pompton Lakes.

Committee Information

Liaison: Environmental CAG, Health CAG and  Open Space Committee                                                                          



Term of Office until December 31, 2023