About Us

The Pompton Lakes Prevention Coalition was created to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use among our youth. Our group knows the needs and issues of the community because we are local citizens who interview, survey and collect specific Pompton Lakes information. We aim to collaborate with various community groups to bring about prevention strategies that will benefit our youth and make our community safer. Please join us!


Our Vision is by 2025, the Pompton Lakes Prevention Coalition will create prevention prepared communities through a collaborative effort to reduce underage drinking, marijuana use, the misuse of opioids and prescription drugs, heroin use and new and emerging drugs across the lifespan.

Meeting Schedule 2024

January 29, 2024                                                 May 20, 2024 

February 26, 2024                                                June 24, 2024

March 25, 2024                                                    September 30, 2024

April 29, 2024                                                       October 28, 2024

All Meetings are at 6pm in the Coalition Office at 274 Wanaque Ave in Pompton Lakes!

Meetings are always open to the public and we are always looking for new community members to join! Email Ryan for a Zoom link if you cannot physically attend!

Creating Community Change

The programs we help to coordinate are:

Heroes and Cool Kids
Don't Get Vaped In

The coalition has partnered with Heroes & Cool Kids to welcome the Sidekick Program which allows 8th grade student to gain valuable leadership qualities with a focus on drug and alcohol prevention,

The coalition combined forces with the youth coalition at the High School, club HAWC, in “Project Sticker Shock” to educate the public about selling and serving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

The coalition runs the Don't Get Vaped In campaign within the community to educate parents about state and local laws regarding vape possession, consumption and purchasing for teenagers. It targets current trends in our youth

Grant Programs:

The Pompton Lakes Prevention Coalition Implements the Following Programs Locally:
  • Pompton Lakes High School Health and Wellness Coalition (HAWC) Club and Lakeside Middle School Health and Wellness Coalition (HAWC Jr.) Club
  • PLHS HAWC Sticker Shock Campaign
  • Lenox and Lincoln Elementary Schools' Keep A Clear Mind Programs
  • Community Conversation Series
  • Professional Development Trainings for School Faculty
  • Community Awareness Campaigns
  • NEW! For 2023: Lakeside Middle School's Heroes and Cool Kids Program
  • NEW! For 2024: Lakeside Middle School's "We're Not Buying It 2.0" Program

Sticker Shock Campaign - 2023

The Sticker Shock Campaign aims to educate adults that in purchasing alcohol and providing it illegally to minor(s) carries significant consequences including jail time and costly fines. The campaign consists of stickers being adhered to multi-packs of alcoholic beverages (beers, wine coolers, etc.) in participating retail stores. PLHS HAWC, accompanied by adult chaperones and the Pompton Lakes Police will visited the following stores to place stickers on alcohol packages:
  • Shopper's Liquor
  • Empire Wine & Liquor
  • George's Market
  • Krauzer's
  • J&N Liquors 
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Coalition Sector Representatives
  • Barbara Murphy, Recreation Department, Civic/Volunteer Group
  • Karen Murphy, Coordinator Youth-Teen Center, Youth Service Organization
  • Sherrine Schuldt, United for Prevention in Passaic County, Substance Abuse Prevention Organization
  • Open Position, Local Business Owner, Business
  • Peter Forte, Police Officer, Law Enforcement 
  • Kevin Boylan, Youth Taskforce
  • Bobby Cruz, Council member, Local Governmental Agency

  • Jake Herninko, School, Principal of Lakeside Middle School 
  • Elizabeth Brandsness, Media, Borough Clerk
  • Grace Curran, Youth, HAWC President
  • Donna Andelora, Saint Mary's, Religious and Fraternal Organizations
  • Jennifer Polidori, Parent
  • Michael Carelli, Business Official
  • Ryan Gosiker, Project Director