The Van Ness House

Historical Designation

The Van Ness House was designated an historic site on April 21, 2009.


350 Riverdale Road


The Van Ness House located at 350 Riverdale Road, constructed circa 1790, is a one and a half story 18th century farm house with a one story wing, which at one time was used as a milk house or outdoor kitchen. It appears on local 19th century maps as the Van Ness House, and remained in the Van Ness family until 1921. The Van Ness family was one of the original families to settle in the Pompton area. The house is one of the best examples within the Borough of Pompton Lakes of an 18th century farmhouse, and only one from the period to retain its original outbuildings.
350 Riverdale Road was evaluated by the Sullebarger Associates report entitled The Borough of Pompton Lakes Cultural Resources Survey completed in September 1992. The Sullebarger report concludes that 350 Riverdale Road is eligible for listings on the National Register of Historic Places, but does not reference specific National Register criteria.