Property Maintenance Ordinances

Property Maintenance

Ordinance Number .99-19 Chapter 142

The Borough of Pompton Lakes has adopted ordinances pertaining to the maintenance of property. The Property Maintenance Officer inspects property complaints as well as enforces the Borough’s maintenance codes. Complaints can be submitted by phone at 973-835-0143 x227 or by email at

Sidewalk Maintenance Property

Ordinance Number 93-12 Chapter 163

Any person owning, leasing, or occupying any house, store, or other building or vacant lot abutting any public street, in the Borough of Pompton Lakes, shall, at his or their charge and expense, well and sufficiently repair and maintain in good repair in accordance with Article V, Sidewalk Construction, of this Chapter, the sidewalk and the curb of the street in front of such house, store, building or lot in conformity with the existing curbing or the curbing immediately adjacent thereto.


Section 178-1 of the Revised Code of the Borough of Pompton Lakes

An application must be completed and reviewed before cutting, trimming, removing, or disturbing the roots of existing trees, and for the planting of any new tree located on the public right-of-way of streets in the Borough of Pompton Lakes. Applications are available at the Borough Clerk’s office.

Design of Roadway Intersections – Clear Sight Triangle

Section 190-16 of the Revised Code of the Borough of Pompton Lakes

The Borough of Pompton Lakes has established an ordinance pertaining to distance and visibility. Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of shrubbery, fencing or other structure that obstructs the view of a driver (clear sight triangle). Shrubs and fences are limited to 30 inch in height on all corner properties.

Rental Occupancy Standards

Ordinance Number 07-07 Chapter 148

This ordinance establishes the requirement that permits be obtained for all rental units in the Borough. Landlords are now obligated to submit a registration form for each new and existing rental unit. Submission of the registration form should be accompanied by a floor plan of the rental unit showing the dimension of each room. Upon the satisfactory completion of an inspection of the premises, a permit allowing its use will be issued. The fee for this annual permit is $50 for the first unit and $25 for each additional unit.