Tax Collector

The Tax Collection Department is responsible for billing local taxes and collecting the amount of money that is certified by the County of Passaic to be collected in the Borough of Pompton Lakes.


Taxes are due on February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st and may be paid in person, by mail or online.

There is a ten day grace period; payments received after the ten day grace period will be assessed a late charge. The rate of interest charged for non-payment of taxes is eight percent per year on the first $1,500 owed, and up to eighteen percent per year on any amount in excess. Postmarks not accepted.

Bills are mailed after the budget is adopted.

Tax Relief Programs

Booklets (PTR-1) for property tax relief are available in the Tax Office for filing. Additional information on tax relief programs is available on the State of New Jersey Department of Treasury Division of Taxation website.