Brush & Leaf Disposal

Pompton Lakes will no longer collect grass clippings curbside.  “Cut It And Leave It” or bring to Recycling Center. We encourage those homeowners who have the yard space, to compost their own leaves on site, and /or use the “cut it and leave it” philosophy when doing your lawn work.

Remember, dumping leaves, grass, or other debris in rivers, streams, and lakes is a violation of our Borough Ordinances.

Curbside Leaf Collection

The Borough of Pompton Lakes will be providing designated collection of leaves from all households, see Calendar (PDF) for collection days, weather permitting.

Collection Dates

Leaf collection begins in the month of October and continues through the beginning of December, thereby eliminating one trash pickup day each week for the entire leaf season. Trash collection shall be restored to twice a week upon ending of leaf season.

Collection Guidelines

To ensure curbside collection of leaves, the leaves must be either in special biodegradable paper bags (available at the recycling center) or containerized loosely in clean garbage pails and / or trash cans. Leaves in plastic bags and / or leaves raked into the streets will not be collected.  

Branch & Brush Collection

Branches must be tied and bundled and cannot exceed three feet in length and must be no wider than one half inch in diameter. Branches, brush, and thatch pick-up begins in the spring. Refer to calendar for collection dates.

Branches or brush that is in trash cans will not be collected. 

Collection Sections

Sections 1 and 3 will be collected on Thursday. Sections 2 and 4 will be collected on Friday.