Response Truck & Trailer

Mass Casualty Incident / Rehabilitation

The Pompton Lakes Riverdale First Aid Squad has taken delivery of the Passaic County Mass Casualty Incident / Rehab Truck and Trailer. In cooperation with the Passaic County Office of Emergency Management and Borough of Pompton Lakes, the membership of the First Aid Squad has agreed to manage this emergency response resource for the County. The truck, trailer and associated equipment were purchased by Passaic County with Homeland Security Funds. This resource is part of the Passaic County Anti-Terrorism Task Force. As such, this equipment may be deployed in Passaic County, State of New Jersey and regionally, if requested.


The MCI/Rehab trailer is equipped to manage 50-75 persons, who may become injured at natural and man made disasters, or terrorist incidents. Included on the trailer is an inflatable tent, with air conditioning and heating equipment, respiratory management kits, trauma kits, burn kits and other related medical equipment. The trailer is equipped with an on-board generator and communications equipment, making the unit self-sufficient when activated.

The tow vehicle, a Ford F350 pick up truck, has been further equipped to respond independently of the Mass Casualty Incident / Rehab trailer and act as a rehabilitation unit at fires and other emergency scenes. The truck equipment includes, pop-up shelters, portable heaters, generator, misting fans, chairs, coolers and other related medical equipment. The truck has responded to numerous working fire incidents both in Pompton Lakes / Riverdale and surrounding communities. All squad members have been trained in firefighter rehabilitation.