Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members partner with emergency management, local government, response agencies and community members. These volunteers are trained in basic response skills so as to prepare them to assist emergency responders in the event of any type of disaster.


CERT is always looking for new members who want to learn how they can help themselves, their neighbors and their community in a disaster. CERT training is offered on a yearly basis without any obligation to join the team. Please contact Deborah Ross for additional information.


CERT classes train volunteers in basic response skills so as to be prepared during emergencies as well as prepares them to assist emergency responders in the event of any type of disaster.

CERT Training

  • Core training includes Fire Safety, Disaster Preparedness, First Aid Medical Care and Disaster Psychology, as well as introductions to Fire Safety and Search and Rescue.
  • CERT training prepares members to understand and handle potential threats to their home, workplace and community and offers citizens the ability to be prepared, to respond and to cope with the aftermath of a disaster.
  • CERT members organize and participate in various drills, periodic refresher courses and education fairs to reinforce the initial basic training and supplement their skills.
  • CERT members have assisted during past flooding events and power outages and have been an intricate part of making arrangements for food and shelter for many displaced residents.
  • CERT members also assist emergency responders by alerting residents of the potential of imminent dangers and assisting with evacuations.